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Zam Zam Chemical Works started the trend of manufacturing good quality products like Hair Oil. This company has been established for more then 68 years in Malaysia by their for Fathers for the last Three generations.

Zam Zam Chemical Works is a company that will give everyone satisfaction for their daily use in all cosmetic products.

We have the best Hair Oil like Jasmin Hair Oil, Amla Hair Oil, Olive Hair Oil, Coconut Hair Oil and Herbal Extract Hair Oil with Vitamin-E & Organic Herbs.

We have all kinds of Henna for Hair and Hand. For Hair we have in Black & Brown Color. For Hand we have the natural Henna in Box Packing and paste in Tube Form.

Herbal Body Soap like the Ayurvedic Soap, Aloe Vera Soap and Sandal Wood Soap. Hand Liquid Soap we have in 3 Fragrances, Apple, Strawberry and Lavender.

Zam Zam Oil based Perfumes in 8 Fragrance's (Firdaus, Sedap Malam, Kasturi, Se-Ribu Bunga, Malaikat Subuh, Rose, Kasturi Putih & Jumaat) All these are Free from Alcohol used at Home and Office for Fragrance.

Peer's Patchouly Lotion, Duyung Lotion, Bunga Tanjong Lotion & also Zam Zam Rose Water (Air Mawar) All these can be used for Wedding's and other Ceremonies. It is also used as Bunga Rampai in Malaysia and Potpury at homes.

Glory Telcum Powder in 3 Fragrance's (Shannon, Jasper & Fenton) is also by Zam zam Chemical Works.

Glory Body Mist also in 3 Fragrance's (Rich, Dillon & Florance) also by Zam Zam Chemical Works.

Distributers are Welcome & Available. Supplies will be available when and wherever you need.

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